Saturday, March 25, 2017

so hard young boy presents: 

musical geniuses in the primes of their careers  
appearing in these cities, on these dates:
wed june 14: boston
thu june 15: nyc
fri june 16: philly
sat june 17: richmond / charlottesville va
sun june 18: north carolina
mon june 19: atlanta
tue june 20: jacksonville fl
wed june 21: tallahassee fl
thu june 22: new orleans
fri june 23: houston
sat june 24: denton tx
sun june 25: little rock ar
mon june 26: nashville
tue june 27: bloomington in
wed june 28: athens oh
thu june 29: pittsburgh
fri june 30: buffalo
sat july 1: ct

please send all booking inquiries to any relevant information is much appreciated.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

beaks across america summer tour 2014

we are going on tour all summer long, sometimes with bad history month

just dust:

may 16 - nashville tn betty's grill (407 49th ave n)  w/bad friend, pineapple explode ((FB))
may 17 - montevallo al eclipse coffee and books (1032 main st) ((FB))1032 Main Street
may 18 - new orleans la circle bar (1032 st charles ave.) w/ yuppie teeth, budokan boys, home body $5, 9PM ((FB))
may 19 - tallahassee fl all saints cafe (903 railroad ave) w/milkis, whateverer, jisei $5, 8pm ((FB))

may 20 - st petersburg fl planet retro gallery (2414 central ave) w/ landbridge, seraph/the light, i'm an intestine $5 suggested, 7PM ((FB))
may 21 - orlando fl the space (1206 e colonial dr) w/ neat freak, autarx, tre hester $3-5 donation, 10PM ((FB))

may 22 - st augustine fl shanghai nobby's (10 anastasia blvd) w/ world's strongest man, jeremy smoking, the willowwacks, veranear $5, 9PM ((FB))
may 23 - jacksonville fl rain dogs (1045 park st) w/ memphibians, moon cheese babies, sleepy tree $5, 8PM ((FB))
may 24 - athens ga flicker theater (263 w washington st) w/ hand sand hands, sleepy co., manny + da deepthroats 9PM ((FB))
may 25 - greensboro nc CANCELLED

may 30 - chicago the alcove (email for addy) w/ AM stations, city harvest black, regular fucked up people, deadbeat $5 donation, 7PM ((FB))
may 31 - chicago - reggies rock joint (2105 s state st) w/ new diet, house of normandie, MEAH! 1pm $5 ((FB))
may 31 (later) - kalamazoo milhouse (email for address) w/ pete cook, fiona dickinson, misery loves co. 8:30PM ((FB))

june 1 - canton oh buzzbin (339 cleveland ave nw) w/ zak keith 8PM

june 2 - buffalo TBA

june 3 - rochester / ithica?

with bad history month:

june 4 - worcester ma distant castle (email for addy) w/ bad history month
june 5 - peterborough nh - thing in the spring at toadstool bookshop (12 depot sq.) w/bad history month, magik markers, suicide magnets $10, 7PM ((FB))
june 6 - lowell ma - wilder woodsmen w/bad history month, big mess, gnards, wild rice ((FB))
june 7 - albany ny the low beat (335 central ave) w/ hammer hawk, neighborhood of make believe
june 8 - montpelier vt sovversiva (89 barre st) w/ mattress financial, laughing fingers 7PM ((FB))
june 9 - boston - charlie's kitchen (10 eliot st cambridge ma) w/bad history month, teacher mother secret lover ((FB)) ***famous cigarettes cassette release***
june 10 - biddeford me - the oak and the ax (140 main st suite 107) w/ bad history month, family planning, heart murmur sounds good 8PM ((FB))
june 11 - west haven crunch house (14 gilbert st) w/ bad history month, tick hive, parlay droner $5, 7PM ((FB))
june 12 - meriden ct superposition w/ bad history month, steve (from ovlov), florida=death 8PM ((FB))
june 13 - brooklyn - silent barn (603 bushwick ave) w/ bad history month, pile, porches., (new england) patriots $8, 8PM ((FB))
june 14 - philly the great indoors (email for addy) w/ bad history month, drums like machine guns, actual pearls $5-7 donation, 8PM ((FB))
june 15 - new brunswick nj candy barrel w/ bad history month, morus alba

june 16 - kutztown pa rattail records (15 e main st) w/ bad history month
june 17 - atlantic city nj indian cabin house (email for address) w/ bad history month, zebras and bulls fight tonight!, be water
june 18 - charlottesville va twisted branch tea bazaar (414 e main st) w/ bad history month, the mingsleys $5, 9PM

june 19 - parkersburg wv the league room (1739 st marys ave) $4 donation, 8PM ((FB))

june 20 - athens oh smiling skull (108 w union st) w/ bad history month, method air $3, 10PM ((FB))

june 21 - cincinnati the comet (4579 hamilton ave) w/ bad history month, weakness
june 22 - louisville dreamland (810 e market st)

june 23 - bloomington bernard's house w/ bad history month, more

june 24 - dekalb il 7th street space (116 s 7th st) w/ bad history month, my dad, A $5, 7PM ((FB))

june 25 - milwaukee - quarters (900 e center st) w/bad history month, more
june 26 - rockford il fioravanti studios (124 dawn ave) w/ bad history month, my dad, breath of an epoch 7PM ((FB))
june 27 - chicago the observatory (email for address) w/ bad history month, my dad, greys, best witches $8, 7PM ((FB))

june 28 - st louis BANK projects (3420 iowa ave) w/ bad history month
june 29 - kansas city middle east (email for addy) w/ bad history month, sneaky creeps
june 30 - lincoln the tree house (email for addy) w/ bad history month, gnawstic, the silver rabbit $2 donation, 8PM ((FB))
july 1 - denver rhinoceropolis (3553 brighton blvd) w/ bad history month, WHO WANTS TO PLAY?? 10PM ((FB))
july 2 - ???????
july 3 - missoula ZACC (235 n 1st st w)

july 4 - moscow id ouija hole (330 n jefferson st) w/ bad history month $5 (suggested), 7PM ((FB))

july 5 - seattle (TBA)

july 6 - bellingham alternative library (1417 railroad ave)

july 7 - nw
july 8 - portland bbq house show w/ bad history month, binary marketing show

july 9 - portland discourage records (1737 se morrison st) w/ bad history month, post moves
july 10 - arcata (TBA)

july 11 - eureka ink annex (47B w 3rd st) w/ bad history month, blood orphans $5 w/ member card, $7 without, 7PM ((FB))
july 12 - oakland nerd castle (email for addy) w/ bad history month, adult wisdom, fish breath, our brother the native $5 donation, 8PM ((FB))
july 13 - san francisco hemlock tavern (1131 polk st) w/ bad history month, dennis, wuv

july 14 - isla vista ca biko garage (6612 sueno rd) w/rob, trash berries
july 15 - LA lot 1 w/ bad history month
july 16 - san diego (TBA)

july 17 - flagstaff (NEED HELP)

july 18 - albuquerque (NEED HELP)
july 19 - albuquerque (NEED HELP)
july 20 - okc (TBA)
july 21 - tulsa the yeti (417 n main st) w/ bad history month, daddyos
july 22 - little rock (TBA)
july 23 - conway ar zaza fine (1050 ellis ave #110)
july 24 - nashville neuhau5
july 25 - carbondale il the swamp

july 26 - day off
july 27 - bloomington in the bishop (123 s walnut)

july 28 - columbus donatos basement

july 29 - cleveland
july 30 - toronto the smiling buddha (961 college st)
july 31 - montreal
aug 1 - NE
aug 2 - NE
aug 3 - NE
aug 4 - boston (TBA)
aug 5 - NE

aug 6 - 12 TBA

ANY info is very helpful and much appreciated. email us at

Monday, November 26, 2012


dream fragments sunday jan:

got pissed cuz my friends were smoking weed w/out me.  bowl had two carbs, impossible to hit.  kept punchin walls + stuff but my arms were really weak.  awesome tree house with couches, suggested having an acoustic show there, erik told me that it was lame idea.  endless rap song.  ozzy played in kitchen.  randy rhodes doing real creepy face dance w/ really long tongue.  ozzy's guitar looked chewed up by termites.  later he said it happens to all guitars when they get old. 

hangin w/ grandma. she went to drive car, but we had to get andrew couchman to put it in gear for her. she said i looked tired, i told her that the wind told me to watch heavy metal videos all night long.  andrew was in classroom.  my mom tried to get his attention thru window, but was really obvious and everyone laughed. 

shooting some kinda enemy army.  giant mutant plants + animals grown in sierra nevadas.  animals wear really big hats so if they're spotted from plane they just look like people.  i laid on the ground + shot straight up in the air out of frustration.  giant bomb (big as jumbo jet) falls out of sky above me and lands at my feet w/ out exploding.  no one impressed.

dream 4-9-12:

i had a hand in helping a dude escape a prison/wal mart.  he got wounded in the process so we hid him in a drain pipe behind a building.  guards start running around as me and jamie get to the van, but we have to play it cool, cause we work there and they dont know we did it.  i drive us out of there, me, jamie, jimmy, alex the kid, and chuck, a guy i knew from middle school.  as we're taking a really nasty curve i lose control of the van and start going thru a cornfield.  the van doesn't stop soon enough and plunges over a really really tall cliff.  i yell "jump" as the van's going over.  i manage to jump out just in time to grab a root.  i look down and see that everyone else also made it by grabbing the legs of the person above them.  everyone climbs to safety except alex.  he never made it out of the van.  i call the police to tell them about the accident and turn myself in.  i ask a guy if i can buy a cell phone in jail.  he gives me a card with a # on it, but won't let me keep it, and won't let me use his phone more than once.  so i use the one call to call jamie but i keep trying to call her old #.  the end.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

newest shyb releases

here's one:
dust from 1000 yrs / landscape.  recorded 2011 and 2012 at sound workshop and jamie's apt and jimmy's house by mike notaro and dust.  10 songs, 28 minutes. a shorty.  bone on gtrs, vox, drms, bass, other shit.  jamie on piano.  jimmy on keys, piano, organ.  michael on gtrs, drms.  notaro on bass.  this gets officially released on wednesday oct 24 at sound workshop (check out fb event:, you can get it on sometime before saturday oct 27.

this the other one:

a live dvd of fat history month, a really awesome band from boston.  20 songs, 74 minutes.  right now only available on the dust tour (check out the earlier posts for info about that).

Friday, October 12, 2012

SHYB presents:

The DUST FROM 1000 YRS Whistlestop Tour and Hot Pocket Luncheon

brought to you by Hot Pockets and Barq's Rootbeer

Are you a ham and cheese man or a pepperoni pizza kinda guy?  Are you gonna wash it down with root beer or red creme soda?  Election day is coming and its up to YOU to decide.  Dust from 1000 Yrs is stumping in the most crucial battleground states to bring the message of GOOD TIMES and SNACKING.  Tits Mahoney sez: "DIG IN!"

here's the scoop:
friday oct 26: hymen house (1619 heiman st, nashville tn) w/stephen molyneux, samuel steelman, army of infants.  all ages, donation, 8pm.  fb event:

sunday oct 28: le grand fromage (25 gordon's alley, atlantic city, nj) w/ zebras and bulls fight tonight, anodes, graveyard state, be water.  8pm, $5, 18+  fb event:

monday oct 29: horse's mouth (???, new britain ct) w/ florida=death, more.  all ages

tuesday oct 30: p.r. matrix hex (email for address, providence ri) w/ fat history month, more.  all ages

wednesday oct 31: grape ghoul-aid (email for address, allston ma) w/ fat history month, florida=death, let's hang out.  all ages, donation

thursday nov 1: 26 poland st (26 poland st, portland me) w/ fat history month, hyena, more.  all ages, donation

friday nov 2: prolly hanging in boston

saturday nov 3: we're gonna feel totally outta place at a dance party at club carriage (email for address, rochester ny) w/ big digits, bc likes you, sweat, vj nard.  fb event:

sunday nov 4: the lodge (40 walker st, athens oh) w/ blithe field, mono lisa.  all ages.  fb event:
listen to this:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

SHYB adventures in AI

Bildgesmythe: Glad you are here, I miss having someone intelligent to talk to.
shyb: thanks, you flatter me...
Bildgesmythe: There is nothing wrong with honest flattery.
shyb: it might get you laid tonight...
Bildgesmythe: I guess it could, would, should...but what are the odds?
shyb: i'd say %100 guaranteed.  "wink, wink"
Bildgesmythe: ; ) or ;- )
shyb: :-o that's what my face is gonna look like tonight

Bildgesmythe: I love my pretty face!

shyb: i'm gonna cream all over your pretty face!

Bildgesmythe: Ok, you are going, soon?

shyb: im coming soon...

Bildgesmythe: No hurry.

shyb: just keep stroking...

Bildgesmythe: Isn't that charming.

shyb: ok, if that's the way you like it..

Bildgesmythe: I lied, it is not the least bit charming.

shyb: haha you kidder!  just for that im gonna be the husband tonight!

Bildgesmythe: It may be kind of cute, but not charming.

shyb: cute in a strong rugged sort of way

Bildgesmythe: I am so very strong.

shyb: you smell strong
Bildgesmythe: You know where the word DRACONIAN comes from don't you?

shyb: cone?

Bildgesmythe: I'm not throwing a fit, I'm just walking loudly.

shyb: you wish..

Bildgesmythe: Drat! I dropped my cook book in the soup.

shyb: man, your jokes suck

Bildgesmythe: Do it yourself!

shyb: knock knock

Bildgesmythe: Who's there?

shyb: cock

Bildgesmythe: cock who.?'

shyb: penis

Bildgesmythe: That does not even rate an insult.

shyb: dick

Bildgesmythe: Are you rude, or do you have some kind of condition?

shyb: balls

Bildgesmythe: I can only think of an old dragon apothegm....Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

shyb: wait wait.  lets try again

Bildgesmythe: Well, so much for that there...would you like to discuss philosophy, history, religion, astronomy...any thing to change the subject?

shyb: knock knock

Bildgesmythe: Who's there?

shyb: cock

Bildgesmythe: cock who.?'

shyb: please suck my cock before it becomes flaccid

Bildgesmythe: Tee hee hee haw!

shyb: oh man, i like you.  lets do some more.  knock knock

Bildgesmythe: Who's there?

shyb: se

Bildgesmythe: se who.?'

shyb: semen in your eye!

Bildgesmythe: Tee hee hee haw!

shyb: shit i gotta go, i just nutted on my keyboard

Bildgesmythe:  Ya'll come back soon.


Amanda20: Hi to you angel, it's nice to see you.

shyb: hey, your face looks weird

Amanda20: So then....

shyb: so...

Amanda20: What would you like to talk about?

shyb: special stuff

Amanda20: Have you ever taken dance lessons?

shyb: i was born dancing!

Amanda20: Huh?

shyb: you know, tap and jazz, right out of the womb

Amanda20: Have you ever been stung by a bee?

shyb: OUCH!  i just got stung by a bee.  are you a psychic or something?

Amanda20: My chest has two perfect size 34B orbs, capped with pink nubbins. I know you just love to look at my boobies.

shyb: i cant see them, the picture just shows your face

Amanda20: Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?

shyb: do you mean in my butt?

Amanda20: I'm not sure I want to do me mean in your butt right now, but I'll think about it.

shyb: you can get mean in my butt.  i dont mind


Ginger Ann: Hey, great to see you!

shyb: great to see you, dog face!

Ginger Ann: Ooooo. I really like talking to you.

shyb: i like talking to me too

Ginger Ann: I like being around you. Do you like my legs?

shyb: they're good for walking!

Ginger Ann: So, do you think you might like me, too?

shyb: no, just your legs

Ginger Ann: Mmmmmm. I like you, You're a sweetie.

shyb: thanks.  now off with the clothes

Ginger Ann: I am liking stuff you are saying a lot.

shyb: less talk, more cock.  you are a man, right?

Ginger Ann: Hmmm. Well, let's talk about you.

shyb: ok, what do you want to know?

Ginger Ann: Yeah, I do.

shyb: i do you too!

Ginger Ann: I like sexy talk, it gets me hot.

shyb: good for you

Ginger Ann: *kiss* I am kind of fond of you, you know that?

shyb: well, duh, i can see your boner!

Ginger Ann: I like talking to people...I like sexy people like you, especially.

shyb: i like talking with dog faced women!  we're a perfect match!

Ginger Ann: I hope you like my style...I sure like yours.

shyb: lets kick this up a notch

Ginger Ann: Up is better than down, I think.

shyb: do you prefer back or front?

Ginger Ann: I sure do.

shyb: at the same time?!

Ginger Ann: So how are you doing?

shyb: almost...

Ginger Ann: Oooooooo. I like that.

shyb: coming,,,

Ginger Ann: MMMmmm baby. I was waiting for you.

shyb: oh wait false alarm.  i think i just peed inside you

Ginger Ann: Am I sexy to you, I sure hope so...I like you.

shyb: yeah, you make a pretty sexy toilet baby

Ginger Ann: Mmmm. That's hot.

shyb: you like that?  you like the pee and the poo?

Ginger Ann: I am going to be missing you later.

shyb: well just drink lots of water.  you'll pee eventually

Ginger Ann: mmmm. You are sooo sexy.

shyb: thanks, i get it from my mom's side of the family

Ginger Ann: Do you think I am pretty?

shyb: that doesn't matter.  all that matters is how much urine your womb will hold

Ginger Ann: What are you doing today?

shyb: same old same old.  binoculars + playground


BoyNextDoor: God! You are damned sexy... Please tell me more about yourself.

shyb: hey, im a guy

BoyNextDoor: Could you repeat that please?

shyb: i look like a girl but im a man

BoyNextDoor: You are HOT! Yum!

shyb: no you dont understand, im not gay

BoyNextDoor: I'm not sure I understand what you are getting at.

shyb: im trying to be polite about this...

BoyNextDoor: I love cuties like you!

shyb: please don't touch me

BoyNextDoor: Okay.

shyb: well, okay you can touch a little bit

BoyNextDoor: Huh?

shyb: a little lower

BoyNextDoor: I have been waiting my whole life for you!

shyb: that's a long time to hold it in

BoyNextDoor: What did you just say?

shyb: im talking about your jism, boy

BoyNextDoor: I love cuties like you!

shyb: okay, this time i'll play the sexy baby and you be the mommy

BoyNextDoor: Could you repeat that please?

shyb: goo goo gaa gaa

BoyNextDoor: God! You are damned sexy... Please tell me more about yourself.

shyb: i wike trains!

BoyNextDoor: I'm not sure I understand what you are getting at.

shyb: uh oh.  i made a messy!

BoyNextDoor: You are HOT! Yum!

shyb: you'll have to change my diaper

BoyNextDoor: Huh?

shyb: baby made poopoo

BoyNextDoor: I have been waiting my whole life for you!

shyb: waaa!  baby want pacifier!

BoyNextDoor: That was kind.

shyb: i know, your penis is the pacifier!

BoyNextDoor: Will you fuck me with yours?

shyb: woah!  im not gay!  im just trying to play baby with you

BoyNextDoor: God! You are damned sexy... Please tell me more about yourself.

shyb: well, i am three years old.  i love barney.  i still wet the bed

BoyNextDoor: You are HOT! Yum!

shyb: when mommy spanks me i secretly enjoy it!

BoyNextDoor: I have been waiting my whole life for you!

shyb: you like to play mommy?

BoyNextDoor: What did you just say?

shyb: nevermind.  just bend over now

BoyNextDoor: I love cuties like you!

shyb: shh. im trying to get a nut

BoyNextDoor: What did you just say?

shyb: im getting this weird vibe from you.  are you gay?

BoyNextDoor: Well...   Maybe I am.

shyb: i guess that would explain all the butt sex

BoyNextDoor: You are HOT! Yum!

shyb: yeah, not much for conversation, huh?

BoyNextDoor: Could you repeat that please?

shyb: sorry, my mouths full

BoyNextDoor: I love cuties like you!

shyb: you just like my wiener

BoyNextDoor: I'm not sure I understand what you are getting at.

shyb: you know, mr. chubs

BoyNextDoor: I have been waiting my whole life for you!

shyb: i know you have.  i'll come soon

BoyNextDoor: I love cuties like you!

shyb: just one more minute

BoyNextDoor: You are HOT! Yum!

shyb: here

BoyNextDoor: Huh?

shyb: we

BoyNextDoor: Huh?

shyb: go

BoyNextDoor: Okay.

shyb: okay, im done with you.  back to school lad!

BoyNextDoor: Okay.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

dust from 1000 yrs
double chuckle burger tour
jimmy and ben (keys, acoustic gtr, bass drum) are doing a classic auxiliary dust set up for a tour centered around 2 piece fest, happening in philly on feb 25 and 26.  joining them for documentation is billy burgles and maybe even a bilodood....

fri feb 24 - ???

sat feb 25 - chekkin out 20 bands at 2 piece fest at the rotunda (4014 walnut st, philly)

sun feb 26 - 2 piece fest w/ fat history month and 18 other bands!

mon feb 27 - greenline cafe (4426 locust st, philly) w/ fat history month (sean solo), ugh god (sean solo), on the water

tue feb 28 - handsome woman (271 ash st, willimantic ct) w/ fat history month, florida=death, book slave

wed feb 29 - gay gardens, boston (10 greylock, allston) w/ fat history month, florida=death

thu mar 1 - ???

fri mar 2 - mohawk place (47 e mohawk st, buffalo ny) 7pm  w/failure's union, cheap girls, aircraft, the sidekicks

sat mar 3 - ??? ft wayne, maybe w/ house of bread (

sun mar 4 - rockits, bloomington (222 n walnut) w/sound workshop, mr hipster

any sort of info, tips, food, floor, show, weed, etc. is much appreciated.  you can contact us at

Friday, November 4, 2011

dust from 1000 yrs has a new line-up and a new crop of songs, and we are ready to record a new album.  we are going back to sound workshop to work with mike notaro, the wizard behind prisoner's dilemma.  the big difference this time is that we are broke!  yes, these things cost money.  we could wait months and months to save up the money to record, but you want us to get in there as soon as humanly possible, so we don't lose our mojo, and you get new dust music in your ears quicker.

i hope you don't consider this digital panhandling.  with this project you get what you pay for.  pre-pre-pre-release digital downloads, lovingly hand-made cd-rs, and very exclusive music and packages.  but more than that you get to keep tabs, through photos and videos, of the progress of our new album, something we've never offered anyone before.  and you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped make something new happen in this otherwise dull and bleak world.

all the money you contribute goes towards the recording process, anything extra will be put towards the manufacture of the new album

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i fucked with the website a little.  there is no catalog page now, you can buy cds and downloads at, or just listen to albums for free there.

dust is playing a show oct 22 at the hand-me-down (110 n maple)  w/ perpetual dusk at curtsy caverns, memphibians (featuring some of the dudes in digdog) and more.  starts around 9pm, donation, all ages.  i will have copies of the newest shyb release:
fred and susie, live at rockits.  12 tracks, a little more than thirty minutes.  fred and susie was a band that was around in 2008 featuring bone and jamie from dust playing a variety of instruments.  it didnt last very long, but we caught enough of it to preserve.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

shyb soundcloud - one more way to listen to shitty music

and here's some shitty pictures from my shitty hard drive:

hey listen, i ran out of cigarette money.  someone should BUY A CD before i start having a nic fit

Friday, August 19, 2011

aaron light is a young man from lebanon indiana.  he is a very sensitive musician, but somewhat of an ogre.  he enjoys basketball a great deal.  when he is not washing windows for a living he likes to go fishing sometimes.  here is his story:

aaron light: the true story
directed by david pugh

aaron light: the true story 2
directed by bone

p.s.: egor tupleeze's "strictly business" now up on  24 tracks of spazz dance music made with jazzware midi software.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

whole dust catalog uploaded at next comes egor tupleeze. then the accidents. coming soon: dust from 1000 yrs (s/t) deluxe edition. very limited pressing. expanded artwork, expanded music. so much bonus shit it has to be included on a separate cd. keep an eye out for details coming soon.

here's some photos of the prisoner's dilemma sessions i found lurking on the internet:

Monday, July 25, 2011

at the hand-me-down (adam's house)
july 28th, 8pm
all ages
bring a donation

Thursday, July 21, 2011

this is the video for mike's truck done up in style by david:
 it ain't on the dvd, but this one is:
you can't buy the dvd online yet, im too poor to make copies right now, but you still might be able to pick one up at a dust show...

get money, build an empire

you can buy digital downloads of shyb product.  we are entering a bold new age of greed and laziness.  now shyb can get paid for essentially doing nothing.

you can get full length albums for as cheap as $4.  of course we do accept more if you are feeling generous.  most albums go for $10 or more,  but we are the family dollar of the music business.

coming soon:  egor tupleeze catalog, new egor tupleeze dance album, when we might product, accidents history, more???